About myself:

My name is Mike and I live for bass fishing.  I've been holding a pole longer than I can remember and I'll never put it down!

Early fall of 2019 I got into hand carving crankbaits after watching a YouTube video and figured "I can do that!" and so it began.  I carved a few nice baits as I was learning the basics of woodworking and airbrushing...and there's nothing like the feeling of success when you catch that first fish on your own creation.

After a while I shifted into just painting plastic blanks and really found my calling.  I always had a long term goal to sell the lures, but starting out it was more of a way to fill up my tackle box as I was just really getting into crankbaits myself.  Since then I jumped into the soft bait game and couldn't be more excited to not only make my own creations, but to fish with them myself!  I do my best to make a bait look good enough to meet my own standards and hopefully everyone else's as well!

About the baits:
Soft plastic baits will typically be a medium or medium hard firmness.  If something different is wanted, please request it.

While I do my best to make the best product I can, imperfections cannot always be avoided and should be considered extra character...I doubt the fish will care 😁