Soft Plastic Bait Examples

Here are some of the baits I've made so far and we've confirmed many of them do catch fish!

I'm calling this one Chocolate Blueberry.  I think it turned out pretty well and will definitely be making more of this one.  We did catch a bass or two on it so calling that a success!

The Glowing Blueberry!  These 10" ribbon tails look great and the action in the water is fantastic.

A couple variations of a nice dark purple with purple/pink flakes.  Calling this one Midnight Magic.

No sharks here...just some good ole baby bass.

Words can't do this justice.  Pure Magic happening here!

And throw a little junebug into that magic and you get a Magic Junebug.

Gotta love that green pumpkin...calling my twist the Pumpkin Jaq.

Then mix it up a little bit with some chartreuse and you get a Glowing Pumpkin!  My nephew and I came up with this killer 2 color combo.  We really like this color and the bass do too!

 The Jaq-O-Lantern...I love this color!


Cotton Candy...yum!